Commercial Property

If you have business premises such as a care home, residential flats or other accommodation, café, shop, office or warehouse to carry on your business you will from time to time require legal advice from a solicitor experienced in commercial business and property matters.

An experienced solicitor from our team can help you with all commercial property sales, purchases, leases and mortgages providing advice that will speed the process through to completion to your best advantage.

We can also help your business by providing you with advice from an experienced solicitor who understands commercial matters relating to business itself as well as the property from which the business operates.

Here at Bennett Richmond we try to make what on the face of it are complex matters simple to understand and give advice to you that will produce the most beneficial and cost effective resolution of the matter for you.

Business Disputes

Disputes when they arise in business matters can be a major headache taking your attention away from what you do best namely running your business and making profits.

Legal advice from an experienced solicitor with Bennett Richmond can prevent problems arising in the first place or prevent a small disagreement boiling up in to a major and serious dispute.

We can work with you on the best approach to resolve commercial disputes and advise on the best approach to resolve matters in a way that is both most beneficial and cost effective for you.