Children Matters

At a time when your relationship has broken down we can provide you with clear advice in order to try and help you agree the arrangements in respect of your children which we realise can be a sensitive and delicate process.


We act for parents, grandparents as well as other extended family members.

Hopefully, it will be possible to reach an agreement without the need for Court proceedings, either through negotiation or mediation.

However, if this is not possible, then we can advise you about the possibility of making an application to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order with a view to asking the Court to make an Order deciding with whom the child is to live with or spend time with (formerly known as a residence or contact order).

We can also provide advice about other types of Orders the Court can make such as Prohibited Steps. Orders and Parental Responsibility Orders and the merits of the case.

Depending on your financial circumstances, legal aid may still be available if you are a victim of domestic violence or if you have specific evidence of child protection issues.


Having Social Services involved in your life and family can be an extremely difficult and upsetting time.

We advise and represent parents, children and other family members in proceedings brought by the Local Authority. These include proceedings whereby the Local Authority have applied for Emergency Protection Orders, Care and Supervision Orders or where parents apply for contact with children in care.

We can also guide you through what is known as the Public Law Outline process. In most cases this means that the Social Services Department will want to arrange a meeting with the parent(s) to see if it is possible to reach an agreement about what needs to happen to protect the child from harm so that Court proceedings can be avoided. We are happy to attend all such meetings with you, speak on your behalf and give you clear advice so as to try and achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children.

We also provide advice where children are voluntarily accommodated.

Legal Aid is available to parents and may also be available to other parties connected to the case.

We have successfully represented clients who have faced allegations that they have caused non-accidental injuries to their children involving complex medical evidence.

If you have received papers from the Court or have been contacted by Social Services, then we suggest that you contact us immediately.