Probate and Wills

It’s a daunting time when someone close to you dies and you are left with the responsibility of sorting out their affairs, Bennett Richmond are here to advise and support you sympathetically in this difficult time.


If someone has died leaving a Will then we can tell you whether or not it would be necessary to apply for a Grant of Probate and then make the application on your behalf. We can take away the stress involved in such an application and make sure that the Will is dealt with properly. We would pass on property, money and other assets to the appropriate people named in the Will.

It may be that a relative has died without leaving a Will (intestate) and you need assistance with the administration of the estate or in applying for Letters of Administration. You may not know who the person’s assets will pass to. We can explain what happens when someone dies intestate and what you will need to do next. 

Probate Services

  • Obtain Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration
  • Transfer unused Inheritance Tax nil rate band
  • Payment of Inheritance Tax
  • Deed of Variation


We hear it more than often that people put off writing their Will, didn’t have time or didn’t think they needed to make one. If you don’t make a Will then the Government will decide what happens to your assets. We understand that making a Will is usually the least of your priorities but we are sure that you would wish to control what happens to your assets on your death.

For example:-

  • If you die without making a Will and you have a partner, but are not married or in a civil partnership, your partner will most likely receive nothing from your estate.
  • Perhaps you have infant children and need to appoint Guardians in your Will.
  • You may have children from a previous marriage but have re-married and you would like to protect the interests of your children.
  • You may have little or no family and wish to name a charity or a good friend in your Will

These are only some of the issues that we deal with. We can create an individual Will for you that carries out your wishes and keeps the stress and conflict for your surviving relatives to a minimum.